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Reluctantly pressing Start

June 2, 2010

I really didn’t feel like doing this. Probably because I feel that the word “blog” generally has negative connotations. So let’s pretend this is not a blog.

If there is any mission statement here, it’s to create a (edit:) non-blog where every post consists of something that might offer some sort of starting point for further discussion. In other words, there will be no posts about what I had for dinner or anything like that. I’ll even make a semi-promise not to blog about myself or my life at all if I don’t have a damn good reason for doing so.

Anyway – welcome! I hope you’ll find something that’ll make you see things differently among the many glucose-starved rants that will no doubt accumulate here over time. And to all my Swedish friends: I’m sorry, I had to do this in English. But Swedish people have good English, so I do think you’ll get by.


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  1. This thing about blogs somehow only being online diaries is a Swedish phenomena. At least I haven’t noticed it anywhere else. Political blogs are for example a force to be reckoned with in America. I’d even say Kotaku is a blog.

    And hey, you might not write about what you had for dinner, but I promise you that you’ll base posts on what you’re currently playing. And that shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. Let’s take the word “blog” back from the 15 year old self-centered Swedish girls! Not that I think they even own it. Oh, and from what I’ve been reading so far, I really enjoy this BLOG. 😉 Especially the Starcraft II post, since I’m a big fan of that sort of picking-apart-popular-games-that-evade-criticism-because-of-the-massive-hype kind of things.

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