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Recrafting Stars

August 8, 2011

Just a quick post here to let people know what I’ve been up to these last few days. Basically, I’ve entertained myself by rebalancing (quite naïvely I think) Starcraft 2. The fruit of this labour can be found on the EU server. It’s called “Xel’Naga Caverns – Odious Repeater Rebalance_V2”. Just searching for “Odious” should bring it up for you if you’re on EU.

The parameters have been changed to hopefully balance things out a bit in the game. My method of choice was very dynamics-driven; I was looking at how people were playing the game (mostly pros, I’ll admit), and listening to people’s complaints about balance (mostly pros, yet again), and responded accordingly. I’d like to think that the changes I’ve made are quite conservative, but I’ve been in this game long enough to know that, well, stuff happens. Anyway, let me know if you find any problems with the map. General comments also welcome. Change log follows below:

* Neosteel Frame cost at Engineering Bay lowered to 50/50. The reasoning here is that bunkers are at their most crucial in the early game when the player doesn’t have a lot of units, at which point a cost of 100/100 is potentially quite crippling to the player’s economy.
* Factory requirement for Nitro Packs removed. However, research time increased to 140 seconds. The original slowing of the Reaper was a double-nerf; first the creation of Barracks required a Supply Depot to be built, and then the requirement of having a Factory was added on top, which effectively added a tax of 150 minerals and 100 gas to players favouring Reapers in the early game. Just slowing down the research speed should be sufficient for most players who scout properly to be able to see mass Reapers incoming, and respond appropriately.

* Default speed of Overlords increased, bonus speed of Pneumatized Carapace decreased by a corresponding amount. This should give Zerg players more of a fighting chance to scout walled-off Terran and Protoss opponents in the early game. The speed is set to be the same as the speed of flying Terran buildings; there was no reason for Terran players to have such an advantage over Zerg players as they can already scan anywhere on the map using Orbital Commands.
* Fungal Growth base damage decreased slightly, bonus damage versus armored increased by a corresponding amount. This change was made to make going Bio against a Zerg opponent slightly more of an option for Terrans. Fungal growth was doing so much damage so quickly that Medivacs couldn’t hope to outheal the damage even in large numbers.
* Hydralisk cost changed to 125/25. Hydralisks were very heavy on gas and only incidentally useful in most matchups. This fix should hopefully increase the popularity of Hydralisks as Zerg players should feel less backed into a corner by throwing down a Hydralisk Den and building a few Hydras.
* Ultralisk attack range has been increased slightly. This is to make the Ultralisk/Zergling combination more useful. More Zerglings can now squeeze in between Ultralisks and their targets, making the surround easier to achieve.

* Carrier cost changed to 400/200. This change was made to make Carriers a better mineral dump for Protoss players and hopefully make them less cost-prohibitive to use in general.

* Observer and Warp Prism speed upgrades changed to 50/50, down from 100/100. This should make it easier for a Protoss player to retain map awareness, and also gives them more opportunities to harass and employ “speciol tektiks”.


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