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Told you! Again!

July 3, 2013


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  1. Thanks for the share, I also feel like that a whole lotta traditional (read: non-agile) development and programming went on behind the scenes of this leading to a game thats beyond budget and deadline with no hope of recourse but to try to hack it up and sell it on steam to hopfully get development money/the billable workhours that money would buy.

    • I try not to do too much overt (read: any) self-plugging on this website. I’m kind of writing semi-anonymously. I don’t want anyone to think I’m peddling anything. But I can’t stop myself from sharing this, considering how nail-on-the-head your reply was just now:

  2. pipboy2000 permalink

    I just read the special on (,61933/) and as a backer of both Project Eternity and Torment, I can say, that your forecast from over a year ago, combined with those evil tidings make me somewhat nervous!

    Of course I still hope that both companies (Obsidian and inXile) are professional and trustworthy enough to finish the games. But I’m not that sure anymore as I have been some weeks ago.
    And furthermore I have some doubts, that both games will be as big/enormous as promised. (Btw.: Does anyone know the budget of Baldur’s Gate 2 or Planescape Torment?)

    [English is not my first language, so please forgive me any mistakes!]

    • I’m happy that you didn’t chime in with the people who felt, over one year ago when the text was published in both languages, that I “had it in” for these people, and that I was being naïve.

      Let me tell you a secret: I hope that everyone gets their money’s worth, and then some. None of this brings me any joy whatsoever.

  3. Yachmenev permalink

    Odious: When you say “told you!”, do you mean about peoples perception about what kickstarter really means for game development, or about the project owners like Double Fine?

    The reactions to these news have been interesting, and Double Fine have been a bit (or very) naive in how they thought the news would be received when they don’t phrase themselves more carefully, but the project itself still seems like one that will deliver on the promise.

    • Hey! More the former than the latter. I mean, I “told” people a lot of stuff and I’d be a bit pretentious to play the prophet after having cast such a wide net.

      The point more than anything is that stuff wouldn’t go as hoped for or as planned, and incidentally, I actually wrote in the original post that the Double Fine game should be the most likely to succeed – simply because of the low risk on the mechanics side of things. In other words, game development is so volatile that even the most cynical of predictions (these are usually mine. :)) sometimes end up seeming naïve in hindsight.

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