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Quick update while I’m otherwise really, really busy

October 23, 2013

Sorry for the pace of updates, I realize it’s been even slower than usual. One comment that came up requested that I follow up on the Letter to an Aspiring Game Designer post. I’m not in any position to do that at the moment, but here’s a bite-sized nugget of wisdom in the meantime:

“Remember, kids, the absolutely best position in the games industry, especially if you’re not good at anything, is Producer. In this position, you get to engage in all the “fun” bits of the other professions, like design or analysis or art, without any of the accountability.

Feel free to talk out of your ass with impunity; there will never be any repercussions when you mess up, and any costs incurred while fighting windmills and chasing red herrings will be passed on to the team.”


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  1. Get burned real bad lately by a producer I take it?

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