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Kickstarter – Experienced Teams/Indies and New

February 13, 2014

Everyone should read. Though the definition of experience is not perfect by the author’s own admission (I for one would like to average the experience out across the team – if only one out of 100 devs on the team has actually launched a game, then that needs to be taken seriously), it’s still a pretty good indication of what experience does or doesn’t bring to the crowdfunding table.

World 1-1

(Full disclosure – I have backed Kickstarter projects. The data for the following article is based on UnSubject’s original data. My worksheet with the new variables and my final numbers is located separately here.)

Author UnSubject over at his blog, Evil As A Hobby, scrubbed through video game labeled Kickstarters spanning 2009 – 2012 and assembled the data into a compelling look at the extremely low rate of follow-through made by over 366 projects. It’s a great article that has encouraged quite a bit of discussion both there and across the ‘net.

It’s a revealing look at something that I could only touch on in the end summary to my survey of 2014’s gaming landscape on Gamesbeat – a disturbing implication of completely missing release estimates by Kickstarted projects based on only a tiny sample of reported releases slated for 2014. UnSubject’s exhaustive work not only nails…

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