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Yogventures – Another failed Kickstarter

July 19, 2014

Thanks to commenter Yachmenev, I’ve decided to take the time to briefly comment on the following.

Seems that a bunch of total noobs making complex games for other people’s money didn’t work out. Shocker.

What’s especially funny is that right around the time I wrote my general comment on the whole phenomena in this post, someone had written their own piece, putting this very cancelled project in its spotlight. It’s a good read, check it out!

The author also writes at length about other relevant topics that I’ve mentioned in the past. Like the whole Dead End thing.


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  1. Yachmenev permalink

    It is a pretty fascinating kickstarter that one. I’m still a supporter of kickstarter as mean to make projects that’s might not have been made possible, and you win some and you loose some. But the yogscast project is so very wrong on every level. From the inexperience, to the madly overambitious scope, to the refusal to take responsibility.

    Three things that makes it even worse:
    *Yogscast initiated the project, but they say that they took Winterkewls word that it was possible, and thus refuse to even acknkowledge any blame.
    *Winterkewl’s listing of what went wrong includes that $35k went to a contracted artist, that only worked two weeks for it and then left, because they hadn’t put in print what he needed to deliver for that money, so he just took the money and run.
    *And it also includes that Yogscast demanded that he turn over the remaining money when they lost confidence, and that after negotations he did turn over $150k of the backers money to them, which they claim to have been invested in the project, but so far haven’t specified how.

    The more you dig into that project, the more horrible it becomes.

    • Thanks for the info, really appreciate it.

      Yes, I’m also all for crowdfunding in principle. I wouldn’t want anyone to think otherwise. But the quality of the projects is going to go up with people’s healthy scepticism. I really hope people wise up to this fact soon.

  2. Yachmenev permalink

    Np, and thank you for the blog. I’m not a game developer myself, but I work in other fields of software development, so project management is a really interesting subject for me. I really enjoyed reading your blog about Dead Ends.

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