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About the Blog

Odious Repeater is a professional game designer currently living and working in Sweden. He strives to find the answers to very big questions, but can’t always be arsed to chronicle his progress. This blog is his attempt to give himself a kick up the ass and stop procrastinating.

The main topics of the blog will be games and philosophy, though other things will no doubt creep in as well. Some of the stuff will be accessible to pretty much everyone, while some rants and ravings will no doubt only resonate with other game developers. Or just the author. Or nobody.

Opinions expressed are solely those of the author. The blog exists for entertainment purposes only. Names and places may well be outright invented – the author’s pretty bad at remembering stuff. If something pisses you off, it’s just a joke. If something hits close to home, make damn sure I wasn’t talking about someone else before complaining (or litigating), or you’ll look like an idiot. Indeed, everything on it is probably one big lie and should not be taken seriously.

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